The power of blogs

This article (you gotta watch an ad, if you ain't a subscriber), while basically being a "who said what and why did this guy get fired" has one very telling quote:

"I wasn't about to go pleading my case to the media," Wheaton says. "If I didn't have my weblog, there's a good chance that [G4 executives] would have been able to completely put out their version of events because they have the biggest and loudest voice. I never would have been able to say that the reason I quit the show was because they're lying to you and when I said, 'Stop lying to the audience,' they screamed and yelled at me."

As I was saying earlier, weblogs can make a real impact since they provide an unfiltered channel for people to bring out their versions of the story. No longer you are limited by which editor likes you and who is currently in and who is out; any celebrity, or politician can tell their version of the story, unfiltered by third parties. This is one of the great powers of weblogging.

To paraphrase an old saying: "a lot of people who deserve to be heard, do not blog; and a lot of people who can't say anything original, do."


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