Finnish Open Source book is, well, open source

Henrik Ingo has written a book about Open Source and what it means. The book could've used an editor's gentle touch, and as many open source projects, it looks a bit shabby - but as with many open source projects, the contents are of reasonably high quality. And befittingly, the book is also licensed under the Creative Commons public domain -license, so you can do whatever you want with it.

It's a comfortable and easy read, and not only for geeks. Henrik writes with humor and a knowing touch. If you've ever wondered what this Open Source -thingy is and what is it exactly that makes Linux as good as it is, check it out. You can read the book for free on the web site, or you can order a copy, if you prefer solid formats.

(And why did I write a review of a Finnish book in English? Who cares... I'm in Tokyo, a city which I seem to be returning to no matter what I do, and I've been drinking a reasonable amount of reasonably good sake at a reasonable price.)


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