The great fallacy of Plup

Vihreä Lanka (in Finnish) writes about the new bottled water called "Plup". They're donating 10 cents for every bottle bought to save the Baltic Sea (which is in a pretty bad shape), so they're advertising it as a "ecological thing to do".

Unfortunately, simple maths shows that they will have to sell about half a million bottles before they're even with the advertising money used so far. Not to mention that the damage to the environment per bottle is more than the the ten cents. Even the bottle is not recyclable. Is there a dissing group I could join? In fact, could somebody please sue these persons for false advertising?

If you care at all about the environment, the simplest thing you can possibly do is not to buy bottled water - and most especially, Plup. Just fill the bottles with tap water (and a dash of lemon, if that's your thing. It is mine.).

(This advice may not be valid in some countries - unless you want to have a close encounter of the porcelaine kind. I really hope this whole Plup thing is a joke.)


I understood they recommend you to buy the Pulp bottle, then refill it?

--Niko, 13-Aug-2008

Haven't seen anything relating to that. But it's kinda sad, isn't it? You could do that well with a regular bottle as well...

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Aug-2008

=== Since Palpa (the Finnish return package company) only accepts bottles made of PET-plastics, PLUP is not part of the Finnish bottle deposit system. On the other hand, more and more HDPE- recycling return stations are being placed in all city areas.

PLUP encourages consumers not to return the bottle, but rather to re-fill and re-use it. It’s highly durable and suitable for heavy use, such as hiking or boating. ===

One problem with refilling is that you have to be very careful to wash the bottles once in a while, otherwise bacteria can build up.

On that webpage, Plup demonstrate even more problems with maths: "The PLUP bottle holds 400 ml, or 14 fl.oz. A pint, basically." Err....

--Hugo, 19-Aug-2008

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