Yle archive opened

YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting company opened their new archives to the public. Wonderful stuff, I could spend hours there, browsing through old stuff (like Kylli-t├Ąti). Kudos to YLE for doing this culturally important deed!

I'm also happy to report that the archive - even though it's in Windows Media - works nicely on my Mac with Flip4Mac, though I have not done an exhaustive test. Safari gets the layout wrong, which would probably be an easy fix, but I do take slight offense in the fact that the service tells me that only IE and Firefox are allowed ("sallittu"), implying that all other browsers would be disallowed ("kielletty"). There are also some weird finglish forms on the pages (e.g. "klippi").

But it's a good start, as long as they don't go into that crappy Windows Media DRM stuff.


mmmm....I couldn't get any video to play with Flip4Mac. Have you tried it that way?

--Antonio, 12-Sep-2006

Well, I said that it works, didn't I? ;-) Safari has some layout problems, but Firefox works well. Note that you might need to upgrade; I have WM Components 2.1.

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Sep-2006

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