"I was so happy to see Firefox 1.0 released, that I nearly shat my pants"

As everyone, their cousins, and their dogs have noticed, Firefox 1.0 has been released. Nothing much new has happened since PR1, but it turns out that the wonderful ~SingleWindow extension has essentially been built in Firefox! Straight from the Release Notes:

New experimental options for controlling where links in web pages open. To make these experimental options appear, set browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs to true in about:config.

I.e. Type "about:config" on the address line, then type "singlewindow" in the "Filter" -field. You should see a single option line (unless you have some extensions I don't know about). Right-click (or Control-Click, if you're on a Mac and have a single-button mouse only) on it, and choose "Toggle". The "Value" -column turns to "true".

Now, you can find new controls in your "Edit/Preferences/Advanced" settings, under "Tabbed browsing". Turn on "Force links that open new windows to open in: a new tab", "OK", and you should be set. Whenever a new windows pops up, it automatically opens to a new tab. Whee! :)

There's little reason for anyone to use Explorer anymore... And if you hit a site that only works in IE, just install the "IE View" extension, and you can launch IE from within Firefox. (Yeah, I know, some people are forced to use IE, but that's not exactly reason, now is it ;)


Toimii. Kiitos. Works. Thanks. Verkar. Tack.

--kalamuki, 09-Nov-2004

Yes, but does it have a Netscape 4.3 mode? :-)

--Foster, 09-Nov-2004

Ja kannattaa muistaa myös lokalisoidut versiot. Kuitenkin jollakin kumminkaimalla on suomenkielinen OS käytössä.


--Burana, 09-Nov-2004

Foster, according to the Release Notes, it in fact does :). Or at least it survives sites that were designed for NS4.

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Nov-2004

“Whenever a new windows pops up, it automatically opens to a new tab. Whee!”

Now I can even see the Butt Ugly comments in a tab instead of that annoying forced new window! Whee! ;)

--Jani, 09-Nov-2004

Ouch :)

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Nov-2004

I actually many times prefer to open new temporary pages in new windows instead of tabs. They are easier to access with one alt-tab (the key :) than with a mouse click or several ctrl-tabs (if I have many tabs open, and most of the time I have).

But yes, it's all about user-control, and great praise to Firefox for that.

--Henri, 10-Nov-2004

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