Series 60 blogs launched

Yup, the corporate blogs are also now happening in Finland (well, technically anyway). Take a look at Nokia's official Series 60 blogs, launched today. There are three of them at the moment - and if they turn out useful, there will probably be more. I have to plug Tommi's S60 applications - because otherwise he might reach over the cubicle wall and throw things at me.

Welcome to the Blogosphere - the community that's not a community, but still kinda is. There's all the room you want for ya :)

(And whoever thought of using BLINK in the blog - it's not a good idea. It is, in fact, a very, very bad idea. I shall hit you with a wet trout if we ever meet.)


Using blink really isn't a very good idea. It makes me want to panic. :) I already sent feedback about it so hopefully it will be fixed.

--Hrry, 10-Nov-2005

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