Couch astronomy

I've always been interested in the heavens above - but I've never really been one of those people who hunt for the clearest skies and have the most expensive telescopes in their back yards. I've so far been rather happy with these guys taking the pretty photographs which I can then adore in my own comfortable (and warm) living room. You see, skies are only really dark and clear in Finland during winter time - and unfortunately that tends to be mighty cold as well.

Anyway, the life for the couch astronomer has never really been better. NASA and ESA and JASA and, well, almost everyone, is happily putting all their cool stuff on the web for people to see. Computer programs like Stellarium and Celestia allow you to watch the night sky - even from different planets!

For example, take a look at these zoomable panoramas from the Spitzer space telescope (I highly recommend the "The Infrared Milky Way: GLIMPSE/MIPSGAL" set). For me, these celestial images stir something deeply within myself. I find them beautiful and exhilarating - and for me, knowing more about these only increases the wonder.


These images ARE amazing. I love the phrase Couch Astronomy, too. I didn't realize so much could be seen without actually going outside.

--Google Phone Accessories, 10-Nov-2008

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--JanneJalkanen, 10-Nov-2008

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