Mayhem! Destruction! Chaos!

Kitchen 2.0
You know, there is something very satisfying in tearing down your kitchen, ripping tiles off the walls, and blasting broken cupboards with devastating kicks. Most of the days, I create something - whether it is documentation or budgets at work, or JSPWiki back home, so for a change it feels very good to be on the destructive side of things.

Gotta break stuff before you can build new and beautiful things.


As said before, we do have a functioning, if small kitchen here, if you really need to use one.

And good luck for the new kitchen! The old one wasn't that, well, brilliant, although somewhat functional.

--Pare, 10-May-2008

Thanks, so far we're doing fine. Enjoying restaurants...

--JanneJalkanen, 10-May-2008

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