This is the Reykjavik harbour. The evening is nice, though a bit chilly. Everything is expensive, and coming from a Finn, that's a lot.

But it seems to be a pleasant enough place. I think I like it here.

(Expect only sporadic updates from now on: I'm mostly blogging with pen and paper for now. No laptop, very little internet. Ugh.)


a fluffy bunny misses you :(

--fluffy bunny, 10-Aug-2004

Iceland had the highest concentration of WiFi of any city I have been to, between 3 and 5 connections at any time. If you don't have a WiFi laptop then I'm sure it's difficult. Go to Kaffibarinn and dance with Björk :)

--Timo Arnall, 12-Aug-2004

No, dragging a laptop with me to a riding tour was not something I did. Though WiFi seems to be pretty active here. There's even free internet in the hotels :)

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Aug-2004

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