Why I haven't blogged about by trip to Iceland

Simple. No connection. I tried keeping a paper blog on my trip to Iceland. But it didn't really work out. Frankly, it was mostly crap.

Then again, when I read my older entries, 90% of them are crap, too. (Which is normal, according to Sturgeon's Law).

When you write a blog entry, you just write it and fire. You don't go back and re-edit. Once you publish it, there's no taking it back. It's there in the Google cache, and in the Internet Archive forever. And if it was important to someone, it will be dug up. There's surprisingly little entropy in the Internet.

But that's actually cool. You see, this kind of a writing style forces you to write better the next time. You just can't go back and tinker with your text until you're happy with it. You have to learn to let go of your creation, so that you don't just keep doing the same old stuff all over again. So you learn.

The internet allows us to produce more crap than ever before. But at least we'll be better at doing it. :)


Interesting web log.

--, 10-Sep-2004

I feel weird when my sitemeter tells people have been reading my archieves. I click to some of my previous entries and see myself as a teenager who´s naked, wasted and stupid.

I´d like to create a blog which would destroy my previous entries while creating new but somehow I´m addicted to my past and want to read them later on.

I enjoy reading your entries every time (expect the technical stuff, cause I feel stupid).

--Mindy, 10-Sep-2004

I wish someone would tell this to Geroge Lucas.

--, 10-Sep-2004

I don't think I'd want to destroy my past writings. After all, at some level there is some satisfaction in seeing that you have actually become better.

Even though it pains me to see my older writings. Google does not forget.

--JanneJalkanen, 11-Sep-2004

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