Portuguese referrals?

Um. It's rather interesting to find a Portuguese (I think) weblog pointing to you, and the only words you can really figure out are "idiotos", "Big Mac", and "blog". Babelfish tells me that "He will be that he has dreams to drink the menu for one palhinha beaten which of strawberry?"

Yay. Clarity.


heheh well babblefish is most of the times at a loss, now you know ahat we go through when trying to transalte something other than english into portuguese. anyway, more or less what i have said was that you found important to teach humanity how to turn a big mac into oat meals, so that one might drink it as a milkshake whenever the urge called for it. (fortunately the idiot part was directed towards some websites I have found earlier on ;)) BTW ithe end result IS butt ugly...

--, 10-Dec-2003

Heh. Thanks, mate =)

And I'm a Finn, and I don't even *get* Babelfish for my language =). So we are in the same boat, only deeper.

--JanneJalkanen, 10-Dec-2003

Left you and the sudden incoming traffic from your blogspace a little gift ;) Keep on mincing stuff...

--, 10-Dec-2003

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