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Sam Ruby had a wonderful talk about the lessons learned from the Atom Wiki. He formulated something I would like to nominate as the "Ruby's Law":

In any project, for any given number of opinions of the technical questions, there is a larger number of opinions on how the project should be named – or on the process how name should be chosen.

It's so true.

There was also a highly interesting discussion afterwards about Wiki visualization and navigation, which in my opinion are the questions we should focus on, rather than thinking about issues with WikiMarkup transferability. Wikis would allow wonderful navigational tools - I know JSPWiki instances where the CSS for the site is available as a WikiPage, allowing anyone to change the visual look of the site. But why not also extend the same concept to the physical HTML layout of the site?

Of course, you might want to limit it to only certain people, as recovering from WikiTrolls would be nigh impossible, but still... The power of the Wikis lies in the separation of content and presentation: in fact, the JSPWiki internals are looking more and more like a database engine day by day, and some people are seriously suggesting a SQL-like query language embeddedable in the pages. So, we can do all this wonderful stuff with the content - but we still have to resort to editing HTML if we want to change the presentation. Why?


Janne, the AggregatePlugin is interesting, but so far as treating the wiki as a database isn't much more directly relevant?

BTW: Have you or anyone you've talked to tried the QueryPlugin? I know it works in the limited places we use it, but I'm interested in outside opinions.

--John Volkar

--, 11-Feb-2004

Yeah, you're right. I was already thinking of in terms of a combined ~AggregatePlugin and ~QueryPlugin - an obvious marriage :-).

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Feb-2004

I will be ecstatic when there is "a combined AggregatePlugin and QueryPlugin"!! That will be a serious increase in the power of JSPwiki, IMHO. I can hardly wait!

--Dan Howard

--Dan Howard, 12-Feb-2004

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