Running around with a GPS

Near a cache in Oslo, Norway
I'm getting into this geocaching thing. This week, we managed to score our first Mystery Cache, the MK, an 8-cache series with a prize at the end for the ten lucky (or skilled) first ones. We were number 3 to figure out the mystery and complete the whole course. Still haven't been able to be a first to find anything, but my hands are itching to start laying my own first cache...

Anyhoo, it's a fun hobby. You get to see loads of places you would normally never bother to go; and I get to spend quality time with the person I love, without the temptations of broadband internet access and Eclipse... Many caches have been located near places which are worth visiting some way or another, and usually you just buzz through on a highway without bothering to stop. I've found some caches near places I used to live, and seen things I didn't even know existed. You often also get a piece of the local history, though sometimes the caches are rather uninspiring, such as hidden between lanes of a busy motorway.

Many of the caches, especially in capital areas, are accessible with public transport or bicycles, so you don't even need a car. I don't own a car, I just rent one when I need to (it's way cheaper when you don't drive much, though sometimes you end up with things like a Citroen C1, a tuned-up Pepsi can which accelerates like an asthmatic beaver), so we can then spend some time also doing caching trips a bit farther away.

(Finns should head to, a pretty neat resource for all things geocaching.)



--Milla, 13-Apr-2007

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