Looking back at my old entries it seems that I usually blog about interesting links or articles or other stuff on week days, but never about myself. However, on the weekends this gets totally reversed.

Perhaps it means that I have little life on week days - work tends to sap my strength quite a lot, so nothing much worth blogging happens then. Or perhaps it is vice versa - nothing worth blogging happens on the weekends, so I have to write about my life. Who can tell?

Went to see my grandmother today, who unfortunately had hurt her back and had to stay in bed. I bought a potted flower, because I frankly don't like the idea of flowers - or any living thing for that matter - being cut and killed for entertainment purposes. Food yes, beauty no. Afterwards, I went to see X-Men 2, where a bunch of people got cut and killed for entertainment purposes and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Do other people also do this self-contradicting stuff all the time? Do they realize it? Or is it just that everyone else has a perfect grasp of reality and know exactly where the fine line between imagination and the reality goes?

It is no wonder the world is so confused.


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