Many people have had less-than-pleasant stories with dealing with Apple Finland, but I have to say that so far the service has been top notch. I took my laptop to be serviced last week, and they gave me a replacement laptop (a nice, brand new 15" Powerbook with backlit keyboard) as a loan and put my hard drive into it. So I can still keep doing all the stuff I'm used to while my own computer is being diagnosed and refitted...

I mean, I've had to call Apple support hotline twice, and actually had friendly, fast and knowledgeable service on both times. I've even had a knowledgeable and enthusiastic salesman demonstrate Tiger (OSX 10.4) to me - in a department store! It does not happen often with computers.

Whatever you may think of Apple hardware or policies, they really have the user experience nailed down. There are some advantages in paying a bit more than the cheapest price for the highest bang.


So exactly what did you say to get that replacement laptop? I'm considering of sending mine for repair before the warranty runs out and that sure would help a lot.

--, 11-May-2005

I said I was going on a business trip and asked if they can get it fixed by Friday. BTW, I took my laptop personally to ~MacHuolto. Maybe that helped?

--JanneJalkanen, 12-May-2005

What was the reason for getting PB serviced? Broken optical drive? And did you have the extended Applecare? Wondering if I should get it too :-)

--Burana, 12-May-2005

Broken optical drive, yup. And of course I had the extended Applecare warranty; nobody I know dares to go without one ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 13-May-2005

So tell us more about the actual Apple interaction. Was it a lot of effort to get a loaner laptop? Did you need to beg, whine, threaten, brandish small weapons?

My HP is due to get replaced, I can be convinced to buy an Apple. My current maintenace plan is to go buy a new laptop and do the disk swap myself.

How much was the Applecare warranty as a percentage of what you paid?

--Foster, 13-May-2005

No, they actually suggested it themselves. I just said "okay".

I don't remember the price of Applecare: it's pretty expensive, but if this is the level of service you get with it, it's worth the money. Considering the amount of traveling I do, having an extended global warranty is a good thing. You can buy one online from Apple Store.

--JanneJalkanen, 13-May-2005

Somewhat related...

--, 14-May-2005

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