Phoenix landing

For some reason, this video makes me very happy every time I watch it. It's always nice to see hair-raising tension get relieved in joy and laughter.

(The video is a HD quality log of the seven minutes it takes for a Mars-bound spacecraft to decelerate from interplanetary speeds to zero. So many things could go wrong with it.)


Of course, the CGI is good to see what the lander was doing (as there's no live TV feed as you'd expect in a Hollywood film, and they didn't get first pics until two hours later), but I (rather geekily) found it interesting to see that they were watching graphs of the descent, it would be good to see much more of that!

--Hugo, 12-Jun-2008

And imagine - it was happening several minutes after the probe had actually landed. So they were completely helpless...

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Jun-2008

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