No sir, I don't like this

This place sucks. It is ugly and boring. They have karaoke as entertainment, for chrissakes. Even the sauna closes at nine. Won't come here again.

(Where? Päivölä school. Not a good place to spend a weekend. Could be that the weather and my mood are contributing to this, but this place ain't exactly cheering me up either... It looks just like the barracks where I "enjoyed" most of my military service.)


This blog is but ugly.

--, 12-Jul-2003

:DDDD Who might u be

--MonkeySpankah, 12-Jul-2003

I guess these insightful comments are exactly the reason why so many people choose to turn their comments off.

Oh well. Just proves that my readership can't actually read. That's cool with me. :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Jul-2003

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