Star Wreck DVD came by mail, and...

Holy. Shit. I was expecting a bad but enjoyable parody of Star Trek, but this is good. This is very good. Of course there are things that show that this is not professionally produced, but they are not as common as you would believe. This movie is simply excellent - not just as a fan-made production, but as something I would watch in a movie theatre as well. I laughed out loud during this movie more than I laughed during Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I am pretty sure it was not just me and my quirky taste.

There are even a couple of delightful character performances: Jari Ahola who plays Mihail Karigrandi, the Baabel 13 security chief, and Hannu T. Tiberius Pajunen (?) who plays the Chief Engineer from Turku. There ain't much of a complex plot, but it all stays together remarkably well. The effects are stunning, scoring is totally professional, and the ladies uniforms are... interesting. They have even included everyone from the dropped scenes in the credit list - something that would not happen in a Hollywood movie. It was fun to see some familiar names on that list.

Star Wreck - in the Pirkinning is an unqualified success for Mssrs Torssonen, Vuorensola and Airisto, and to fan-produced material in general. The internet release date is October 1st. If you can't wait that long, just shell out the 22€ for the DVD. It's worth it.

(This is probably one of the most complex creative productions ever released under a Creative Commons license. It will be interesting to see if that affects anything, but CC organization would be dumb not to use this movie as marketing material.)

(PS: Ari Jaaksi, who heads Nokia's Open Source activities, including development of the Nokia 770 internet tablet, has started his own blog.)


In prior posts it was said that taking a laptop everywhere isn't a good idea. I don't need a laptop, I need a way to get to my laptop (or desk system). For example I do all my development on a system that lives in the server rack that I VNC into. From where I sit, I'm on that box working away, it's like being there.

I read Ari Jaaksi's blog, and the Nokia 770 tablet looks pretty cool. I like how he added a keyboard so you can pendraw and use a keyboard. In my world, I can run a VNC like application and connect into the boxes that I work on. Luckey for me there is an application that does that.

All I need now is for Nokia to start selling it in the US. :-)

--Foster, 13-Sep-2005

Torssonen, not Törssönen.

--Wrekkie, 13-Sep-2005

Oops :)

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Sep-2005

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