BBC News reports on plans to force all UK citizens to have ID cards, with biometric (such as iris and fingerprint) information in a national register.

This, while very worrying, is not the main issue. This one is:

Mr Blunkett claimed independent research showed eight out of 10 members of the public backed ID cards.

But his Lib Dem opposite number, Mark Oaten, suggested that 5,000 unfavourable consultation responses had been not been counted as they had been submitted through an anti-ID card website.


"We are not counting negative votes because they come from people who oppose our plan. Besides, they use the pesky internet, which - as we well know - is filled with pirates and child-porn dealers, so their votes cannot be counted."

What kind of a democracy is that? Just ignore the grassroots movements because it's convinient?


Oh, the tales I could tell you about UK politics... But let's just put it this way: the Labour party - or any other party, except maybe Liberals, only care what people are thinking of them when it's time for elections.

One good example is of course the war - there was a huge anti-war demonstration with around 1 million people taking part (estimates wew from .5 - 2 million people). And Tony Blair simply said that the people didn't understand what they were talking about and that they were simply wrong. The matter was of couse already decided by then - even the parlament didn't really have a say on it although Tony (out of pity, I'd assume, because it wasn't mandatory) did decide to hold a vote on it. Of course, by then all the command carreirs and warships had already left for the Gulf - we saw them leaving Portsmouth long before the vote.

And what comes to David Blunkett - who's always been one of my least favourite politicans, for this and many other decisions he's done in the past - I doubt that he's going to listen to anyone's opinion any more than Tony. At least on this issue there has been some opposition inside the party as well as outside... Not that it's going to make any difference anyway.

--Milla, 12-Nov-2003


Couldn't you have a revolution or something? Or does the majority not care?

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Nov-2003

My dear sir, what would the neighbours think?

It'a country with abslotule no tradition for raising up to the barricades... a country with no constitution, who ratified UN human rights only couple of years ago.

I think they believe in their hearts that whatever the powers that be choose to do will be for the best.

No, really.

--Milla, 13-Nov-2003

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