Tijuana, Mexico! A nice trolley ride from San Diego! Cheap stuff! Lucha Libre! Good margaritas!



Glad you made it to Mexico, Janne! Go relax and party, you deserve it.

--Adriaan, 14-Feb-2004

Oooh, jelousy! Have fun!

--Milla, 14-Feb-2004

Well, Janne, you have only yourself to blame if all your friends pummel you with snowballs when you get off the plane upon returning home!

Hasta la vista, Butt Ugly!

--, 15-Feb-2004

Thank you, friends :-).

BTW, my bodyguard would like to make her existence pointed out, in case someone still harbors thoughts on the subject of pummeling.


--JanneJalkanen, 16-Feb-2004

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