Notes from Star Wreck

My notes from Samuli Torssonen, Timo Vuorensola and Jarmo Puskala (the crew behind Star Wreck:

  • DVD sales top-10 in Finland (without advertising, direct web site and convention sales only)
  • Active fan community participated in making, hundreds of extras were recruited on the net
  • Subtitling currently to over 20 languages (incl. klingon)
  • Internet is different from DVD, theatres or TV because it is not tied to locality (local distribution agreements), time nor the ownership of physical copies, all of which are limitations on distribution.
  • Net distribution means that you can have your target audience all over the world; therefore more possibilities to do niche stuff
  • Internet community generates and amplifies ideas
  • Star Wreck, the roleplaying game: two months development time, released under a CreativeCommons license


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