Scandic is sustainable through... bottled water?

As you all know, bottled water is in the Nordic countries one of the worst offenders when it comes to environmental sustainability - and it ain't too far from the top from most other countries either. Our tap water is better than the bottled stuff.

Therefore it makes only sense that Scandic Hotels should start supporting sustainability by... getting an Olympic swimmer to create special water bottles? Well, at least they say that they will be filling them locally - and if they can recycle the bottles too, then it's way better than the current situation.

But still, this is quite an odd way to fight the climate change. I can only imagine how much damage to the environment the manufacture and disposal of a single bottle will be...

"10 euro cent per water bottle. This will be the foundation for Scandic Sustainability Fund, a newly established fund aimed at supporting initiatives which in various ways actively contribute to a more sustainable society. Scandic has earlier taken the decision to reduce fossil carbon dioxide emissions by removing all bottled mineral water from its hotels. Up to now, the hotel chain has sold a couple of million 33 cl bottles of mineral water a year. Instead, from this autumn Scandic will be filling and selling its own specially designed bottles of filtered and chilled water, still and sparkling."

(How about just letting people run their own water from the hotel tap? That's what I usually do if I travel - I fill up my bottles and let them cool during the night. Bottles get reused, though unfortunately they don't survive security checks these days. I probably need to buy myself a proper canteen for traveling; something that can travel in the checked luggage. Here's a business idea: someone start selling eco-themed canteens, please? You could ride on the anti-bottled water wave, and I would buy one right away. It needs to look cool, and be durable and easily portable. And expensive enough so that you don't just throw it away.)


Just go to any shop selling trekking equipment and buy a metal drinking bottle. Not too expensive these days. You can use it for years, so it has a small footprint despite of manufacturing print. There is sizes to choose, from 0,5 to 2 liters. Survives very rough handling, and surely survives being packed in luggage. Chills easily and keeps cool if wrapped on a shirt et. in your packpack.

Haven't tried, but propably would go through airport security also, emptied, and then just fill up again after security for long haul flights. (Unless you transit in Singapore, where they re-check on boarding gate.)

--Epka, 19-Oct-2008

Yeah, but they look boring :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 19-Oct-2008

When I was travelling in India I got bacterial dysentary from drinking bottled water there. Turns out those bottles of water sold at the street stands were filled with local tap water and recapped.

--G1 Android Accessories, 10-Nov-2008

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