Run away, run awayyyy...

You know a meme has run amok too long, when a random sampling of people enter your tram, and for no visible reason whatsoever start jumping up and down and going "Badger badger badger MUSHROOM". Unfortunately, I did not snap a picture, as I was too flabbergasted.


Hehe, that would have been too cool too see :) Where was this in Finland?

--, 13-Dec-2003

Duh. "...enter your tram..." Excludes most of the country, you know :-).

For any foreigner reading this: a tram system only exists in Helsinki. In some sudden fit of insanity, all other cities got rid of their tram networks several years ago. Which is too bad, since it is actually a very comfortable way of moving around the city.

(To be exact, this was Tram #8, in the geek haven also known as "Ruoholahti".)

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Dec-2003

Ok - I think I meant to put that "where was this? in Finland? :)

But cool anyways :P


--, 14-Dec-2003

Comfortable, not to mention fairly economical and environmentally friendly.

--Mikki, 14-Dec-2003

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