Spent most of yesterday evening wandering aimlessly in the local IKEA, having a Tyler Durden moment. It all looked so ugly, and... empty. Void of all emotions. Like a cage, built of warm colors and gentle wood.

My hair is now orange-ish. The hairdresser next to the office said that it was good to do something else than always the plain, average cut to the plain, average engineers.

Perhaps this all is fighting, refusal to become average.

Maybe it is futile, and I am just lying to myself.


I can tell you as one who follows some of your work, you are far above average in the ways that it matters to an engineer.

As for hair color, you're on your own - but consider this:

For some of use, it's not what color we should dye our hair, but what color we should dye our scalp.

There! - that should make you feel better about what ever you do with your hair. Ha!

-- Scott Hurlbert

--, 15-Apr-2004

I don't foresee your having any problems in the not being average department.

--Forest, 15-Apr-2004

Every year, I have to work harder on it... Helps to be single. No children to make me want to go and buy diapers.

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Apr-2004

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