Finnish mobile operator offering free blogs to all subscriber

Saunalahti is offering a free weblog to all its GSM subscribers. You can update your weblog using MMS messages, Nokia Lifeblog or internet.

~SaunaBlog. I like that name.

However, they seem to have lifted the entire description of what a blog is directly from Wikipedia without attribution, which, as far as I can tell, is a GNU FDL violation. has more.

Also, looking at a sample blog, it seems that they are claiming copyright on anything that anyone writes on their own blog, and apparently they're not making you even agree on a license before you use the service. This is simply wrong - you simply cannot assert copyright on something that you don't own. If you write a blog, you own its content - regardless of who hosts it.

Saunalahti seems to be pretty lax about copyright issues. This will bite them in the ankle, I'm sure.


it should be and not in the sample blog link


--, 14-Apr-2005

Oops... Cut-n-pasto. Thanks!

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Apr-2005

trackback, thanks for thinking aloud!

--, 07-Aug-2005

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