My pet peeve Finnish phrase

Finnish sayings can be stupid, but this has got to be the most stupid ever:

"If you let a piece of cake fall sideways when you take it from the tray, you will get a bad mother-in-law." ("Jos kaataa kakkupalan, saa huonon anopin.")

I mean - COME ON! Your entire relationship with a possibly completely perfect human ENTIRELY RUINED by one fumbled feat of dexterity? Of which any regularly social person will have about a MILLION opportunities to fail before the wedding bells ring?

What about if the cake is just badly constructed? How would it look like if, after several years of torment from a mother-in-law-from-hell someone turned up to your doorstep with a hatchet and demanded revenge over one slippery frosting? Imagine the responsibility and diligence one would have to exercise to ensure a good life for all friends?


Eka kerta kun kuulin koko sanontaa. Ei voi siis olla kovin yleinen ja siten validi! :)

--Marjut, 14-May-2012

Kakku kertoo tekijästään. Jos ei osaa tehdä foolproof-kakkua niin tokko sitä ostaa lapsiakaan kasvattaa tjsp.

--Burana, 14-May-2012

And anyway, who really cares if a slice of cake falls sideways in the first place? It's not at all like the disaster of spilt milk or, shudder to think, broken eggs.

--Hugo, 15-May-2012

Yeah never heard this one either. Your blog is also the only result on google with the whole phrase in it... :D

--AnonymousCoward, 19-May-2012

Well, I didn't say it's a common phrase. :-)

--Janne Jalkanen, 24-May-2012

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