Yup! I'm in the shower, blogging. Boldly experimenting with new innovations! Or in this case, a mobile phone wrapped in a plastic bag.

No, I am not going to post more pictures, you pervs.

Update: Posting from such an electronics-hostile conditions suddenly makes me realize the power of moblogging against plain weblogging: The ability to instantly publish from locations that simply would be inaccessible to desktops, laptops, or WLAN. By the time the weblogger finds a hotspot for his ~WiFi and types in his thoughts, the mobloggers armed with their cell phones and GPRS (or 3G) have already covered every possible angle... The ability to do blogging with a single hand, as a near-background task, instead of being tethered to a desk is very, very powerful.

Granted; it ain't quick to type, nor is it deep, but moblogging is fast, much faster than traditional weblogging. And that may be the reason why people will put up with the lousy keypads, bad resolution cameras, etc. Moblogging is to weblogging like IM is to email.


"Pervert";? Me?? Never!!

I was here for the articles, dude!

--jcool, 15-Jul-2003

Well, I did take more photos than that. I'm not just posting them :-).

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Jul-2003

Now It's my turn to get worried.

"The ability to do (shower)blogging with a single hand..."

--Henri, 15-Jul-2003

...because you need the other hand to hold the hose, don'tcha?

Sheesh. The simplest things...

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Jul-2003

Hey, The least you could have done was shown us those freakishly hairless legs while you were naked with your camera! Ha! -- Scott

--, 16-Jul-2003

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