Jaiku, social software for your phone, launches

Jaiku, a software which integrates your Nokia phone book with presence and social information has been launched.

This is just a heads-up - I don't have a S60 2nd edition phone I could test it on; my phone runs only on 3rd edition. If you guys have a 3rd ed beta program, I'd be happy to contribute... ;-)


OK I plunges right in as I's procrastinating here. Do not want to wash dishes, iron or pack, so I plays around with weird new applications instead.

I have now started creating my "rich presence". This is just a friend-monitoring-application, by the looks of it. Or can I actually communicate as in mobile chatting or some such? No VoIP here, either. :\ Hmm.

I guess now alls I need's just a couple of Jaiku friends. I wonder if they come with the package?

Yeah, I know, I should go comment to them, not you, Janne. Thanks for the interesting link! :)

--Tuija, 15-Jul-2006

No prob... I'd be plunging in, too, if they had a 3rd ed client :)

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Jul-2006

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