Next week, Denmark

By the way, I'll be participating on a workshop on creating a Wiki Markup Standard next week at WikiSym in Odense, Denmark. Feel free to poke me, if you see me around. I have a hat. I was going to print some JSPWiki T-shirts, but it sort of... well, I was lazy, okay?

I just learned that I will be sharing the stage with Ward Cunningham, the father of Wikis. Egad!

My position is simple: The current wiki markup mess is alienating lots of good people. I am interested in grabbing some low-hanging fruits to unify the markups or otherwise ease users' life. I know WYSIWYG will be the answer eventually, but that is neither a fruit, nor does it hang particularly low. In the mean time, we should be able to do something. There does not need to be a single WikiMarkup for all purposes, but the basic things should be similar enough from wiki to wiki, so that the users don't have to use their cognitive storage to keep remembering trivia like what was bold today. While the technologically adept have a knack for that, it's still a waste of perfectly good braincells. And confusing as heck to anyone who does not share that knack.


I'll be sure to show up. If everything goes as planned, I'll be wearing one of those cheap-looking but terribly expensive (CHF 60 per piece) Oddmuse T-Shirts. Next time I'll order from Cafepress. It's half-way around the world, in a country that supports torture and the bombing of innocents, and there's tax and other hassle involving shipping overseas. And it's still cheaper than printing it in Switzerland. Just remember that when you go looking for a printer for JSPWiki T-Shirts in Finland. ;)

--AlexSchroeder, 14-Aug-2006

I do have a Cafepress store for myself, but I haven't managed to do anything with it yet. Maybe I should litter it with JSPWiki merchandise ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Aug-2006

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