Finland plans public humiliation for copyright offenders

Keskisuomalainen writes that there is a new draft of the copyright legislation coming up, which gives the winner of any copyright dispute the right to publish the details of the crime in a newspaper advertisement at the expense of the loser. This, as correctly pointed out by EFF Finland, is tantamount to public humiliation.

The scary thing is that the officials planning this say that there's nothing wrong here. To quote Sami Sunila and Jorma Waldén from the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Education, respectively: "This is not meant for humiliation. It's normal newspaper activity to publish names."

True. But it's always the newspapers' decision to do it. And they - with few exceptions - are guided by principles and morals, things that the copyright industry seems to have no respect of. If a company has no qualms whatsoever about installing invasive spyware on your computer, then why would they not use the opportunity to publically humiliate you? After all, it wouldn't even be out of their pocket...

We don't publish the names of the people who drink and drive, even though they endanger the lives of everyone around them. Why would we publish the names of copyright infringers? Are they worse people than rapists and people who run over little girls with expensive cars?

I'm all for transparency, but this is nuts. The internet no longer forgets, and once your name is public, it's always out there, at the reach of The Almighty Google. Public humiliation is a worse punishment now than in the sixties. Look at the Korean shit girl for an example...

Read more (in Finnish) from Kari Haakana, Helsingin Sanomat, Digitoday, Merten, Mediablogi, Tuhat Sanaa, Soopa, and Muropaketti.


I hope we will not end up with something like this...

--tuomas, 14-Dec-2005

Does it work both ways, if a defendant wins could they publish the name of the chief exec of the company in an advert?

--, 16-Dec-2005

Of course. Though, which one cares more about the expenses - a poor student or the rich MPAA-equivalent?

--JanneJalkanen, 16-Dec-2005

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