Been busy. First, a 9-hour day at work, then quickly to the Post office, to pick up a nice package from amazon containing, among other things, Eddie Izzard's The Circle. Then to the movie theatre, to watch Spirited Away again. All this, and more, on four hours of sleep.

Spirited Away really is a good movie. The bird and the mouse steal the show again, and a second viewing allowed me to enjoy the background paintings, since I was not so spellbound to the plot and foreground events as when I first saw it. I don't remember any other animation that really was so entrancing since Aladdin.

Eddie is also doing what he can do best: Do you get... erm... Do you folks even know that there other countries?

For some reason, I've never liked stand-up comedy. It always felt so ... artificial. But perhaps I only like middle-aged transvestites. :-)


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