My letter to the editor (in Finnish, duh) of Suomen Kuvalehti was published!

(Oh yeah, and the new widget in the right sidebar? I'll write about it soon, I promise. It's a new NFC hack...)

Pam's dad asked me to link to this, so here goes: Support Pam. I hope this turns out well for all parties.

Today's recommended Finnish Blog: Uusista blogeista Hiljaista huutelua on vakuuttanut minut asiallisilla kirjoituksillaan vähän puhutusta aiheesta jos toisestakin. Pidän paljon.


Mood tags? Ut oh!

--ChrisH, 15-Apr-2005

Got it it one, Mr Garibaldi...

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Apr-2005

Poor Pam. Thanks to ridiculous government laws, Pam, at age 17 1/2, is still a minor and under her mother's control. She's old enough to pay taxes, but not old enough to make a decision to live with her father.

Yay government!!

--Phil, 16-Apr-2005

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