Nokia 6212

Pim! Nokia 6212 Classic NFC phone has just been launched, along with the BH-210 NFC -enabled headset.

It's an awesome little thing. You can share your contacts or media from one phone to another just by tapping the phones together. No more Bluetooth searches - you don't even have to know you have Bluetooth or how to turn it on. Same thing with the headset; turn it on, tap it to the phone, and it works.

(Disclaimer: I work for Nokia in the NFC business area. So obviously I'm excited enough to become a corporate advertising channel for this!)


Good going. This is the type of technology we need, stuff that works. I have many bluetooth devices in my apartment and they all interfere with each other. My phone rings and I have to search around for which headset picked up the call. Worse, when I switch from speaker phone to handset the phone goes to headset. I love the possibility but the implementation is terrible. For example, why can't the source device (such as a cell phone or PC) "transfer" the connection to any known (compatible) bluetooth device? That would be so much easier. If I wanted to use the PC as a speaker phone fine, or if I was talking on headset one and it ran out of juice I could transfer to headset two. Technology like this (Near Field) are allowing these devices to finally do what we want in a simple and intuitive way. I hope the standards are ubiquitous and open - for example, transferring contacts should be possible to another phone, an iPod/iPhone/iTouch, PC, Mac, etc. I hope this starts a trend. [Besides, anyone who watches Fox's 24 knows that any data stream can be sent to any device anywhere. I just want what Jack Bauer has! Dammit!]

--ScottHurlbert, 16-Apr-2008

The specs are open, but not all are standards (yet).

--JanneJalkanen, 16-Apr-2008

Please spare me the never-ending spec list on the Nokia site, and tell me if it is a series 40 phone?

--Niko, 17-Apr-2008

Yup. S40.

--JanneJalkanen, 18-Apr-2008

So, what's Nokia's latest iPhone competitor? :)

--ChuckSmith, 20-Apr-2008

Whatever you think is the best one for you :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Apr-2008

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