Witchcraft repackaged

Here's a review of Harry Potter... Witchcraft Repackaged: Making Evil Look Innocent in the Wave Magazine. Some choice quotes:

If Harry Potter was fake, witches all over the world would be complaining about how fake it was. And since they’re not, the spells in Harry Potter are all real.
Of course, as the video warns, if you say witchcraft has no power, you have two problems in your line of reasoning. One: you’re ignoring all the people that do have magic powers, and two: you’re saying that God’s warning in the Bible against sorcery is actually worthless.

Oh, the inescapable logic...

(Thanks to Syksy for the link.)


Yeah, and because none of the biologists of the world have complained that there is a mistake in Lord of the Rings, that trees can't really walk around, we should be really scared when going to the forest...

Got to envy that logic.

--Aaltoneito, 15-Sep-2004

Of course, you are taking the existence of biologists for granted here. :-D

--JanneJalkanen, 16-Sep-2004

But biologist do exist! If they didn't, how could they warn us of the walking trees by not saying anything about The Lord of the Rings being not true!?

(Okay, now I lost myself there...)

And hey, since the biologist (who do exist, mind you) haven't complained that the fauna of Harry Potter books is way too imaginative, there really are hippogriffs and unicorns and dragons!

But because the creationists have complained that Darwin's Origin of Species is a total lie, we have to remeber that all the fossils are just a big hoax.

But hey, the same people who are not complaining about the spells in HP books would probably say that The Bible is just a fairy tale. So, if their word is the truth, God doesn't exist, but witchcraft does.

--Aaltoneito, 18-Sep-2004

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