NFC ピタゴラスイッチ

Pythagoras Switches (aka Rube Goldberg machines) are wonderful contraptions in which one small thing leads to another which leads to another, etc. One of the most cool examples is this Honda commercial a few years back.

Now, some old friends from Berg and The Oslo School of Architecture and Design put together this really awesome "Nearness" video demonstration, in which nothing actually touches each other. Everything is done with the power of Near Field Communications (NFC), magnetism, radio waves, and other unseen phenomenon. It demonstrates the point that I've been saying for quite a while: The power of NFC is its inherent hackability. Be happy it's not secure, because secure often means "locked down unless you agree to play by the rules". Security happens at application level, and it's the worry of the big boys.

If only we could see better, so we might better appreciate the unseen.

Just go have fun with the technology. That's how all the cool stuff always gets born.


Security and control are quite different things. Security is not being mugged in streets. Control is polices all around just checking identities. Control is not security.

Security is must. Control is not.

One just must learn to do security without control.

--AnonymousCoward, 22-Sep-2009

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