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Mindy (in Finnish) has gender issues.

So do I, apparently, in this gender role test:

Sukupuolirooliltasi olet ensisijaisesti feminiininen.
(Feminiinisyys: 55 / Neutraalius: 40 / Maskuliinisuus: 50).

Moi? Feminine? Waht?

Anyway. I returned home yesterday at around 21.30, and was faced with three tasks:

  • Cook food, since I had forgotten to eat during the day
  • Install new digital cable box with a hard-drive recorder
  • Wash an ungodly pile of dirty clothes

See if you can try to guess in which order I performed these?

Yup. Guessed right. Congrats.

Sad, innit?


Hey man, you talk about going to the hairdressers ;) Welcome to my club.

--Milla, 16-Apr-2004

What, no mention of the make and model of your cable box? Not even the hard drive size? You really are a girlie!! :)

--, 16-Apr-2004

Gotta watch that, you'll loose your Alpha Geek status, at least say you opened the box... I got the Toshiba TiVo clone, very cool, but I need to grab a USB Network dongle to be able to ditch the phone connection.

--Foster, 16-Apr-2004

Nokia Mediamaster 260C, 80GB hard drive. My short review: UI sucks, the thing's overpriced, overly noisy (but I probably should put it in a cooler location), but HD recording and digital broadcasting are such big pluses I'm not going back. I'll buy a better one in two years, I'll sell this one to the highest bidder then.

--JanneJalkanen, 16-Apr-2004

Feminiinisyys: 47 / Neutraalius: 49 / Maskuliinisuus: 54

Varmaan arvasitkin jotain tän suuntaista ;)

--- Nina, 19-Apr-2004

Ylläripylläri. You need a woman, man...err, woman. Or something.

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Apr-2004

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