Them pesky designers

A Finnish proponent of "intelligent design" speaks his mind in this morning's Helsingin Sanomat link here, subscription required. Orkut Media happens to have an article on the very same subject (though it also has plenty of say about the recent attempt by Alabama to ban any book authored by a gay person):

Kansas is also challenging evolution in the classroom, and Intelligent Design Theory is making a splashy debut. Intelligent Design Theory, otherwise known as Creationism Lite (Now with half the God!™) points out the fuzzy areas of evolution, and reasons that if we don't know exactly how it happened, then God did it, which is the same rock-solid process by which the Greeks scientifically discovered that Zeus made lightning.

(Link via Red State Rabble, which follows the ongoing Kansas fight to teach intelligent design along with [or preferably in place of] evolution.)


I think this is an important matter, but nothing should be taken too seriously. Keeping that in mind, check "The New Christian Science Textbook",

--Burana, 20-May-2005

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