Even more Loituma

This sheep-and-cows disco version of Loituma is destined for greatness. It positively reeks like a hit. I wouldn't be surprised if it broke Top 40 soon. It's getting so over the top, that I have to watch it again! And again! And again...

Update: Oh, by the way, of course there is a Wikipedia article on the original song.

Update2: Not completely unsurprisingly, the video is from the same company that produced us the Annoying Thing aka Crazy Frog.

(Thanks to Hrry.)


Tsih. I wonder who's collecting the royalties.

--OlliS, 16-Oct-2006

According to the home page of one of the singers, the song has been licensed across the world. So probably they are.

--JanneJalkanen, 17-Oct-2006

Excuse me while I vomit.. (I can't stand Finnish folk music.. no, that was putting it lightly.. I hate it with passion! LOL)

--Stello, 18-Oct-2006

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