Fun with spam

Here's something fun which is happening right now: Someone went and uploaded a bunch of porn HTML attachments to We, of course, removed them (and blocked HTML attachments right away), but in the mean time, Google had managed to index those.

Now, Google search is driving about 5 hits/second to from people who are looking for "shemale bras", "grandma porn", "porn with cheerleaders in it", "asian anal sluts", "naked latinas in bikinis", "girls ejaculating", "interracial gay sex", "teen strippers", and "SEX GIRLS", among other fun and uplifting things.

So, I guess this is one way to get high traffic - just let a spammer upload something to a high-profile website, delete the files right after Google has indexed it, and just wait for the starved, lustful people to pour in. Of course, that would impact the Google ranking in the long term, so I wouldn't exactly recommend it ;-)

The evil person in me is having so much fun with this, that it almost scares me. There is something very satisfying watching logs roll by of people, keywords, IP addresses (not that I would reveal them - that I would consider if not illegal, but it would be at least rather suspicious), and the resulting "404 - not found here" -responses. Ha!

My traffic has literally gone up by a factor of ten. I guess this is one way to stresstest your applications ;-)


If the latinas are in bikinis, how are they naked?

This puzzles me. It's almost like "hot naked mobile designers in trousers, shirts, socks and shoes". Almost, but not quite.

--Henri, 17-Jan-2007

Go to work. Go directly to work. Do not pass the coffee machine. Most importantly, don't think about it.

--JanneJalkanen, 17-Jan-2007

Also of great fun is the google ads you get now with those great phrases in your post. :)

--PĂ„lBrattberg, 31-Jan-2007

If you think this works good, you should examine keyphrases with even more intrinsic value than just porn.

--AnonymousCoward, 02-Feb-2007

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