Sun Portal Server 7 to include JSPWiki

WOOT! In bed with the big boys ;-)

Yesterday we announced that the long awaited Portal server 7.0 has been released. There are some really interesting features in this release that you might not normally associate a Portal Server aimed at Enterprise Intranets.

First is the inclusion of JSP Wiki - this means you can deploy and manage the wiki infrastructure centrally yet allow communities to maintain their own sites - so you get the benefits of centralized management without the inflexibility. As well as support for Wiki Portlets (and Portlets within wikis), Portal Server 7 introduces the new concept of communities - to reflect the informal. non hierarchical nature of many workgroups (ie. virtual teams). There is also great support for AJAX in Portlets to enable you to develop apps. with a much richer user interface.

I hope we get the portal stuff from you, Sun guys :). Well... Of course we do. It's LGPL. Right?

(Via Dave Johnson.)


Umm. Not unless they ship whole shebang to some of their customers and customer requests sources and then gives them to you.

Well... They could do that. Of course, then they will need to employ someone to keep up with possible changes in JSPWiki... Which in general makes it very desirable to contribute back to open source.

--JanneJalkanen, 17-Dec-2005

Wow, nice - congrats :) Näkeekö Jannea illalla Manalassa?

--Antti, 17-Dec-2005

En ole vielä tyystin vakuuttunut tulostani...

--JanneJalkanen, 17-Dec-2005

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