Memetic Thursday

Originally this comes from Sweden. but I got it via Marjut:

1. Which artist/group is the most common in your record collection?

That would be either Kylie Minogue or the J-Pop band MAX. So there's a theme - sue me.

2. Which writer's books are the most common on your book shelf?

That would be either David Brin, or Ralf K├Ânig. And yes, I do count certain comics as literature.

3. What kind of movies are the most common in your video collection?

Animated movies. Easily. Unless you count Eddie Izzard, in which case it would be comedy.

4. What kind of pictures are the most common in your photo album?

Scenic photos. I don't like people in my beautiful photographs; I much prefer the beauty of the nature to people.

5. What kind of printed products are the most common in your recycling bin?

Helsingin sanomat. After that, ads for local pizza joints. :)

Hmm... This does give a rather childish picture of me. Oh well. It's not like I care :-D


With regard to #4, the scenic photos. I have noticed that this is a very strong preference among Finns and am both fascinated and baffled by it. I take a variety of photos but always the photos of random non-people scenic stuff get the most comments and they're usually the photos I think suck ass. So...I very curious to know why this seems to be an almost genetic imperative for so many Finns if it is possible to explain such a thing.


--, 18-Nov-2004

I don't know, really. My guess is that this has something to do with the connection to nature that most Finns tend to have.

Then again, many Finns seem to be apprehensive against their picture being taken: "But I look fat", "I look always bad in photographs", etc.

--JanneJalkanen, 18-Nov-2004

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