Clean room theory

Living with kids can be messy. In fact, I'm typing this surrounded by nursing pillows, books, towels, random clothes, toy cars and some things I'm afraid to move because they might contain sentient life forms that used to be porridge.

However, I've come to believe that you can live in a mess, as long as you keep one room clean. There must be a place where you can go and forget about the mess - and it's really hard to forget if it's all around you. It just keeps nagging, and at least I find it hard to relax if I know that I should be doing something else.

So I try to keep the kitchen clean, no matter what. (Clean defined as "does not bother me", not as in "counted in particles per million") Sometimes I fail, and sometimes I can get a bit anal about it, but still: waking up before anyone else and enjoying the morning tea, watching snow drift down from the heavens unto the white trees... It's quite worth it.


One room method sounds good. My system, temporary cleanliness once in a fortnight or so doesn't quite bring the same serenity. But then, you learn to not to look. Also navigating the clutter can be good exercise for your kid's brain-toes-coordination, I keep telling myself.

--Tuija Aalto, 18-Dec-2010

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