450 grams of XP, please

In case anyone married to, or living with a geek, is reading this entry, I seriously advise you to put a napkin or a towel under your spouse's chin, because there will be drooling once you show them the following link:

Flipstart PC.

I wonder if it runs Linux?

(Link thanks to Matt).

On a slightly separate note: I have been tentatively tallying about half of the votes already cast in the Finnish blog awards, and so far a staggering 130 blogs have been nominated for different prizes. So much for the fear that everybody would just vote for the pinseri top 20... Remember, you have only three days left to vote!

I would like also to say to those who are clearly voting for themselves: you should've at least gotten your mom to send the email for you. It wouldn't look so pathetic.


Major cool if it would run Linux, since I subscribe to the model "Friends don't let friends do XP".

It looks like the keyboard is the right size to thumb type, but I think I'd try to have a USB keyboard around for longer sessions. I like the concept of it being an iPod on steroids, all the music plus video plus wireless e-mail makes it a good travel machine.

Big issue is that "Cost and availability later" comment. I want it now, but will be put off by a $2K+ pricetag.

--Foster, 20-Feb-2004

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