Design fault

How come the Copenhagen airport has wireless internet access, but no powerstrips? Heh. You can't even pay for more than four hours of internet access, but I guess that's okay since your laptop battery will die in four hours anyway...

It's very sad, you know. Weep with me.

(On the other hand, while traveling is stressful, in an odd way it's also very comforting. A whole blissful 15 hours during which you are not expected to make any decisions, just follow the signs, sit in a cramped space, stretch and eat whatever is given to you, taken care of by professionals. It's really a very zen-like experience in all its calmness. Much like going to a spa or something.

I'm not so certain whether it is a bad thing to be docile and subservient every now and then. At least you are paying a lot of money for the privilege.)


Airports are an excellent liminoid experience. The feeling of in-betweenness can be so soothing. And to do that at Kastrup, one of the best non-places.

But spa? Only if you're travelling in business class.

--J-Ko, 19-Apr-2004

Never liked spas... I always get agitated in those, and except for a singular case, things have always gone from bad to worse in one.

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Apr-2004

"Changing Planes" by Ursula le Guin.

I'm telling you guys, you need it.

--Milla, 20-Apr-2004

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