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Blogitutkimus has something that looks like an beginner knitter could come up with: an incomprehensible mess of strings.

However, since this is a blog dedicated to blog research, it's actually a map of the Finnish blogrolls - i.e. who endorses whom in their sidebars. The reason why I'm in the middle with the most links is not because I'm part of a mythical Bloggers Inner Circle [BTW, meeting at eleven at the Usual Place. Bring your capes. And a frog.], but likely because I happen to have my entire up-to-date subscription list available automatically, whereas most others seem to maintain their "recommended reading list" manually. Or that's my guess.

It's a fun pic. You can find all sorts of interesting data in it, and support almost any opinion you can think of. It'll be interesting to see what Jere can dig out of it :)

(I'm reading too many blogs anyway. I should probably start dropping the ones I don't read so regularly anymore...)


Nah, it's because you read damn many blogs. I don't really read much more than what is in my very short list, and I assume this is the case for most people.

--Janka, 19-May-2005

I'm betting on laziness (which usually is safe), and that people don't in general bother to update their blogroll as often as they change blogs they read. They only keep the blogs they are not likely to change in the blogroll. At least that's my observation from the (rather limited) sample of people I've seen...

Well, there's a Master's for someone ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 20-May-2005

The graph is drawn using Kamada-Kawai algorithm, which (if I understood it correctly) presents each connection as a vector of energy and tries to calculate the most stable configuration. The blogs in the middle of the whole mess are the ones who have either lots of links to and/or are frequently linked to by other blogs in the graph.

At the moment each vector is equally strong, but I'll try to make their strength relative to the number of links in blogroll, hopefully resulting in a clearer and more interesting picture.

Blogs are gathered using a snowball method starting from the most linked blogs in blogilista, then just following links in their blogrolls.

--Jere Majava, 20-May-2005

YES! PEACE! <url poistettu>


<url poistettu>

Tuossa osoitteessa oleva kenties maan vanhin blogi (toiminut lähes 10 vuotta) on pinserin top listalla 1108 (-20) Harri Veijonen (75) 100% 0.0

Siis ainakin tuhat ja sata blogia on edelläni ennen pinseriä. Pinserin listalla pinseri tietenkin itse komeilee ensimmäisenä. Mutta katsohan vaikka

<url poistettu>

onhan sielläkin pinseri ja upeasti sijalla 47 729 päivittäisellä lukijavieraalla. Minulla ei pitäisi olla mitään asiaa tuonne edes 10.000 luetuimman joukkoon eikö niin, kun kerran en yllä tuhannen listalle edes pinserin listalla.

Mutta siellähän se vaan on nimi Harri Veijonen ainakin tänään ja sijalla 20 yli 2200 päivävieraalla!

Niin että eikös olekin ihan paikallaan, että näin kerjään kenkää koko pinseristä?

--<url poistettu>, 20-May-2005

Tuo äskeinen haiskahti sen verran vahvasti kommenttispämmiltä/googlerankin keräämiseltä [etenkin kun samaa viestiä näkyy muidenkin blogien kommenttiosastolla], että varmuuden vuoksi poistin kaikenlaisen liikennettä mahdollisesti lisäävän. Jätin kuitenkin itse viestin, sillä saahan sitä mielipiteitä esittää.

--JanneJalkanen, 20-May-2005

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