The iMac moment

I bought yesterday a used iMac (the Aluminum kind, if you're interested). I figured that since the technology in iMacs hasn't changed in the past year-two significantly, a used iMac is better value than buying a new one. Recycling is good.

Anyway, I bring it home and start playing with it. Wife comes in, looks at the iMac standing on the desktop.

"What? A new monitor? I thought you were supposed to be buying a new computer?"

"That is the computer. See, DVD drive slot, USB..."

Stunned silence. Jaw dropping.

Such are the moments that every engineer and designer should live and strive for.


The technology hasn't changed too much, but the prices they ask for used Macs is somewhere between ridiculous and puzzling. That is why I try to sell my Mac with a decent price before it gets too old.

--hlehto, 19-Sep-2009

Yup, they tend to retain their value fairly well. But as they say - it's not stupid who asks; it's stupid who pays.

--JanneJalkanen, 19-Sep-2009

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