OK, I would now like to state for the record that I do NOT like the following things:

  • stupid games that you play in a group so that you would feel better about being just a dumb part of a group (you know: "hey, let's all pretend to be submarines and do weird stuff.")
  • accordion music
  • waking up very early so that one gets to listen to two hours of interesting presentations and six hours of not-so-interesting presentations ("look, we can make this phone ring." "Whoa.")
  • being so bloody tired during all of this
  • not having GPRS connectivity
  • emotional rollercoasters
  • not being able to read one's mails (I suddenly started receiving many emails that I actually have or want to respond to.)

Glxblt. I'll just crash now, thankyouverymuch.


Accordion is the next big thing in pop so better get used to it. I for one love it now that I have found out that not all accordion music comes from kaustinen, Härmä or Alavus.

--J-Ko, 20-Nov-2003

Oh, and very subtle this Glxblt-project of yours.

--J-Ko, 20-Nov-2003

For my next number, I would like to perform on the accordion, EVERYONE'S FAVORITE, "Lady of Spain" :-/

--, 20-Nov-2003

I think I will just dig myself a hole, listen to my 80s records real loud, and emerge again once this particular "big thing" has passed.

Or I might just shoot myself.

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Nov-2003

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