The Feature does not have The Feature

So, TheFeature launches their new website with much commotion. They are now very weblog, slashdot, hip and trendy. They bring in Justin Hall and a bunch of other celebrities.

But they forget the key glue that is holding the weblog world together - the single most important thing that has risen from the weblog world, something that is powerful enough to fight about.


There is no RSS feed on the site. And no, you can't really be "hip" and "cool" if you do not offer an RSS feed anymore. Neither can you claim to be "on the edge" either...


Very very good point! I hadn't noticed. I think the dust is still settling from their extensive reconstruction. They designed their own publishing software, so they didn't adopt code with RSS. I believe they plan to offer more features on TheFeature, so I'll remind them of this.

--Justin Hall, 21-Aug-2003

Yes, please =). Anything that does not have an RSS feed has to have some pretty darned good reasons to stay on my reading list these days...

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Aug-2003

get RSS or Die

--lazygun, 21-Aug-2003

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