On roaming charges

Oh, by the way, I checked how much it's going to cost to use data traffic while I am in Denmark. Cheapest price is 8.18 €/MB, the most expensive is TDC Mobil at 14.82 €/MB. So, making an average synchronization of my work Outlook email (guess a couple of Powerpoints at 2 MB/piece; and a bunch of other emails for a 5MB total, and syncing usually moves about double the amount) would cost the company about 80 - 150 euros. A week of traveling could easily result in a bill of a thousand euros.

Cell roaming is insanely and outrageously expensive. Any WLAN is cheaper, no matter how expensive it might feel to pay 30 euros / day - but that's for unlimited data.


Not too bad considering Virgin Mobile's tariff for NON-roaming data in the UK is 0.5p per KB, which works out at about 7.52 €/MB...


--Hugo, 22-Aug-2006

Ouch. Ouch! OUCH!

--JanneJalkanen, 22-Aug-2006

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