Turkey blocks internet left and right

Wow, someone has managed to block the entire wordpress.com because of a couple of blogs which allegedly contain slander. That someone turns out to be Harun Yahya alias "Adnan Oktar", a person mostly known for his strong anti-evolution, pro-religion sentiments, and a criminal case against his cult.

It's entirely possible that the blogs do contain slander. But that is something which should be taken to the judicial process, where a (hopefully competent) judge decides whether slander occurred, and punishes the author, not the hosting service. Looks like his strategy is to block all the services in Turkey which don't like him. Looks like the Turkish law is still somewhere in the 20th century on all this internet stuff to allow for something like this to happen...

Well... block this, you overzealous shithead. Hope someone teaches you the term "tolerance" before your sphincter strangles your brain.


Brilliant, Bravo thats what I like to read some fight once and a while. I read your Blog all the time (I subscribe via feedblitz) Normally your calm and collective, this time I enjoyed your closing comment. To close off Wordpress is utterly ridicules, that I agree, its like reaching into a school and taking away the pencils, because someone drew a dirty picture on the bathroom wall. Sometimes on the Web, things are just going to piss you off. Thank you for your honesty!

--Butch, 21-Aug-2007

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